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Concussion Policy

Cal South recognizes the need for increased awareness about concussions, head injuries and brain trauma. In order for Cal South to be compliant with State of California Assembly Bill No. 2007, new procedures have been implemented that require on a yearly basis, a concussion and head injury information sheet to be signed and returned by the athlete and athlete’s parent or guardian before the athlete’s initiating practice or competition. These provisions apply to athletes participating in youth sports organizations, as defined to include organizations, businesses, nonprofit entities, or local governmental agencies that sponsor or conduct amateur sports competitions, training, camps, or clubs in which persons 17 years of age or younger participate.

The links below ensure compliance and also provide additional information and resources for all Cal South members. Please familiarize yourself with the documents below, begining with the Cal South Concussion Information Fact Sheet for Parents which is required reading and completion as of June 1, 2017.

SOP for Concussion Policy for Valley Center TOPSoccer available upon request.

Concussion Awareness - Recognize to Recover

Cardiac Health & Opioid Awareness

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More Information from CalSouth


SafeSport Training for Families

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